Monday, September 28, 2015

How to remove security tags from clothes

If you've ever bought an article of clothing from a store to realize that the security tag was still attached, then this is a frustration that you know well. Occasionally these labels do not work well and if employees forget to remove them in the store, the alarm will not sound .

Once you get to the garment to your home, it is difficult to remove the label, especially since many contain ink. The best way to remove security tags it is to return to the store where you made your purchase . However , if you have the receipt, the store can refuse to remove it. In that case , you can remove the label yourself.

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  1. When we went on a road trip a few years ago one of our stops was Disneyland. I bought a few things, including some gifts since it was near Christmas. We got home a couple of weeks later (I live on Vancouver Island) only to discover they'd left one of the tags on a scarf!! My husband tried to get a store to take it off for us but they either couldn't or wouldn't, so he ended up somehow hammering it off, lol